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What We Do

+x  specializes in web development, advanced frontend engineering, web security, content creation, marketing and design. We provide solutions for small businesses and large enterprises.

Development & Security Good web development has its foundation in best practices. With this foundation we deliver quality code, quality frontend frameworks, and security focused design. Since 2006 we have been delivering the highest level of web application development, advanced OOP engineering, and mitigating XSS and all sorts of frontend security threats.

Copywriting Copywriting is the cornerstone of all marketing success. Even with perfect execution on all other marketing strategies, if the quality of your writing and your message is poor, you will not see good results. You may even negatively affect your business with poor writing. Our in-house team are talented writers and authors, and we hold excellence in our writing in the highest regard.

SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the discipline of ensuring that individual web pages become listed on the first page of search engines, especially Google, for specific search terms (keywords). The following techniques are employed to achieve successful SEO.

Keyword Research There is no SEO without keyword research. It is crucial to identify the words and phrases that the people who will become your customers, subscribers, fans, or supporters are actually typing into the search engines. We use specialized software to discover what keywords are bringing people to your competitors, and we use our creativity and imagination to discover new keywords whenever possible. When you know what keywords to optimize for, you then know how to proceed with most of your marketing strategy.

Link Building Link Building is the creation of backlinks, which are links on other web pages — high quality and relevant pages — that link back to your page. The amount of backlinks you have is the most important factor to success in SEO. As such, this is also one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of SEO. If you think of SEO as a war, then think of link building like being a soldier storming the beach at Normandy. It is difficult, and, unless your marketing strategy is primarily focused on paid advertising, it is necessary.

Local SEO Local SEO applies to any business (or web page) that has a local presence. Common examples are businesses like restaurants and clubs, as well as any events such as concerts. We use tools and services such as Google Maps, review sites such as Yelp and Foursquare, and many others.People are too.

Social Marketing Social is a hugely successful way to bring new people to your website. There are different techniques for achieving success for every social platform. The biggest platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Different countries have their own platforms as well. In Russia, Linked In is currently blocked, but they have VK, their own type of Facebook. Brazil has Orkut. China’s Twitter is Sina and Tencent Weibo and their Facebook is RenRen. The key to success with social is to identify what platforms to target, create appropriate content, and schedule the content for posting. The content should be compelling and engaging, so that every time content is posted the number of friends, likes, followers, or subscribers increase.

A secondary part of social is to identify the best forums and communities online to spread the word about your business or content, such as sites like Reddit, Quora, and specific forums.

Content Marketing Content marketing is likely to be the single most important digital marketing strategy. An interesting and engaging piece of content, whether an article, a graphic, or a video, is the primary element of both SEO and social marketing strategies. Great content turns visitors to customers. It gives you credibility. Every piece of content can be a channel that perpetually brings people to your website. Content will be distributed on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest for graphics, YouTube and Vimeo for video, and social platforms for all types of content.

Email Marketing Email marketing is another critical marketing strategy. Email addresses, first and foremost, are the most fundamental unit of currency on the Internet. Any business with a database of thousands of emails can potentially make a lot of money by simply sending a well written email to their list. And while it is possible to lose all of your social connections if, for example, Facebook were to close your account, you can never lose access to your email list. You own it. The emails are yours. Secondly, email is often a way to reach people who may never see your content anywhere else. It is also a key method to remind people about yourself if they don’t take action with you in the beginning. The essentials to email marketing include adding a clean, simple, and well designed sign up form everywhere possible throughout your website and content which adds people to your list (email database). Writing great emails is key, and using the appropriate design (or no design at all) depending upon your message and your recipients is crucial.

Online Advertising The two main types of advertising online are PPC (pay per click) and social. Google AdWords is the biggest PPC vendor, and PPC comprises nearly 99% of all of Google’s revenue! Indeed, Google is essentially an advertising company. Social is also extremely effective for advertising. Facebook ads can be very successful. Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and many other social platforms are a way to advertise to targeted demographics.

Growth Hacking Essentially “marketing with a total focus on growth”, growth hacking is really a mindset. A vast number of businesses who need a marketing strategy have no online presence, either because they are new, or because they have been surviving from offline marketing such as word-of-mouth and local advertising with flyers and newspaper ads.

CRO CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action, such as filling out a form or purchasing a product. It is primarily accomplished by continually A/B testing your web pages. The gateway to CRO is analytics. We use Google Analytics and other key analytics tools on all of our projects. Any web page that isn’t performing as well as it should is a candidate for CRO.


How We Do It

We use the best tools and services in the industry to bring your concept to reality. These are just some of the tools and services we use:

Who We've Helped

Key Clients

Some of our key clients who we've worked with over the past decade:

  • Sovolve
    Development of Wonder, the mobile app that lets you discover and improve your social and emotional skills, as well as Sovolve, the parent company's website.
  • DisasterAware
    Pacific Disaster Center's Atlas product is a mashup between Google Maps, ArcGIS maps, and thousands of custom map layers and data points all in an easy to use interface.
    Developed DIRECTV Everywhere (UI on multiple platforms and TVs).
  • Napster
    Developed the Napster API for Javascript and Flash, Napster Everywhere (UI on multiple platforms and TVs), and the Napster 2.0 Music Player. (Now acquired by Rhapsody)
  • MySpace / FOX Interactive Media
    Developed the first social self-service advertising platform (before Facebook ads)
  • Boingo
    Developed an updated website, interactive location map, and entire developer portal website.

Our Team

We are a world class team of computer technologists and web development experts. We are passionate about what we do! Together we have a combined 40+ years in technology, development, and marketing, and we're ready to use our skills to help you succeed.

  • Carlos Saenz
    Founder of   +x

    Web Application Development Expert
    • Advanced Javascript Engineer
    • Seasoned Graphic Designer
    • Full Web Tech Stack Architect and Designer

    Tech Highlights
    • Helped build the world's first Social Media Advertising Platform (MySpace MyAds), what today's Facebook Ads is based on
    • Wrote the Napster API (now Rhapsody) for Javascript and Actionscript
    • Helped architect both Napster Everywhere and DirecTV Everywhere (one codebase, distribution to all platforms and screen sizes)

    View my résumé: [ short ] [ full ]
  • Sean Work
    Internet Marketing Guru and Top Blogger

    Former Editor at KissMetrics and SEO Expert
  • Gary Gabriel
    Emmy award-winning script writer, News Reporter, Digital Content Distribution and Press Release Expert

    Former Channel 7 TV News Broadcaster and Reporter
    • Expert video producer and planner
    • Video SEO expertise; driver of video content to the top of search engine results for high-value keywords
    • Press release copywriting, distribution, and media outreach. Through a career in broadcast TV news, Gary has the expertise to write a compelling press release, and distribute it to targeted news media in any industry (radio, TV, print, blogosphere)
  • Dinesh Saharan
    Social Media and Internet Marketing Specialist

    Advanced On-page SEO Optimization
    • Social Media Setup and Management
    • SEO Specialist
    • Extensive Web and Deep Web Research
    • Personal Web Presence


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