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What We Do

+x  is a strategic web consultation service founded by Carlos Saenz. We specialize in web and mobile app development as well as web marketing. We have provided solutions for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Development We are experts at software development. Our combined decades of experience ensure that we use the best tools in the industry, follow best practices in both frontend and backend programming and database design, and recruit only the best talent and brightest minds from within our extensive network of people and the global tech marketplace.

Scaling We are experts at building web software to scale using cloud computing and content distribution platforms such as Amazon's AWS. When designing a product it's crucial to plan the size of your audience from the start. We build software to scale from zero to millions of users while staying within your budget and according to an implementation schedule that makes sense for your business. We take the "daunting" out of scaling!

Security We are passionate about Information Security and take great care to use the best tools in the industry to protect your application on a holistic system-wide application level, using best practices within your software's code, and by keeping all relevant software up to date in order to minimize the chances of an attack. We never overlook security.

Recruiting Tech recruiting can be a painful process, especially if the talent acquired is not a good match and the relationship between company and talent lasts for only a month or two. We estimate that millions of dollars per year are lost to acquisition costs of mismatched or unqualified talent. By utilizing key tests, both direct and indirect, our specialized recruiting process ensures that the talent we acquire is both professional, responsive, timely, and of course highly skilled.

Management Managing a project is just as important as developing and testing its software. We believe in connecting with our talent, building meaningful and fun relationships with them, and utilizing a management style that enhances and strengthens the workflow rather than simply overseeing it. Technology and software skills are not the only elements of success. People are too.

Marketing We understand the most powerful concepts of web marketing. We consult on everything from list-building, app store exposure techniques, SEO, content (guerilla) marketing, A/B testing and analytics, platform marketing (think YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, etc) and PPC and other forms of direct advertising. If you have a very limited marketing budget, we can help you create a strategy to convert your time and effort into an effective marketing campaign. If you have a larger marketing budget, we can ensure that your strategy is optimized and as effective per dollar as possible.


How We Do It

We use the best tools and services in the industry to bring your concept to reality. These are just some of the tools and services we use:

Who We've Helped

Key Clients

Some of our key clients who we've worked with over the past decade:

  • Sovolve
    Development of Wonder, the mobile app that lets you discover and improve your social and emotional skills, as well as Sovolve, the parent company's website.
  • DisasterAware
    Pacific Disaster Center's Atlas product is a mashup between Google Maps, ArcGIS maps, and thousands of custom map layers and data points all in an easy to use interface.
    Developed DIRECTV Everywhere (UI on multiple platforms and TVs).
  • Napster
    Developed the Napster API for Javascript and Flash, Napster Everywhere (UI on multiple platforms and TVs), and the Napster 2.0 Music Player. (Now acquired by Rhapsody)
  • MySpace / FOX Interactive Media
    Developed the first social self-service advertising platform (before Facebook ads)
  • Boingo
    Developed an updated website, interactive location map, and entire developer portal website.

Our Team

We are a world class team of computer technologists and web development experts. We are passionate about what we do! Together we have a combined 40+ years in technology, development, and marketing, and we're ready to use our skills to help you succeed.

  • Carlos Saenz
    Founder of   +x

    Web Application Development Expert
    • Advanced Javascript Engineer
    • Seasoned Graphic Designer
    • Full Web Tech Stack Architect and Designer

    Tech Highlights
    • Helped build the world's first Social Media Advertising Platform (MySpace MyAds), what today's Facebook Ads is based on
    • Wrote the Napster API (now Rhapsody) for Javascript and Actionscript
    • Helped architect both Napster Everywhere and DirecTV Everywhere (one codebase, distribution to all platforms and screen sizes)

    Click here for full résumé
  • Sean Work
    Internet Marketing Guru and Top Blogger

    Former Editor at KissMetrics and SEO Expert
  • Gary Gabriel
    Emmy award-winning script writer, News Reporter, Digital Content Distribution and Press Release Expert

    Former Channel 7 TV News Broadcaster and Reporter
    • Expert video producer and planner
    • Video SEO expertise; driver of video content to the top of search engine results for high-value keywords
    • Press release copywriting, distribution, and media outreach. Through a career in broadcast TV news, Gary has the expertise to write a compelling press release, and distribute it to targeted news media in any industry (radio, TV, print, blogosphere)
  • Dinesh Saharan
    Social Media and Internet Marketing Specialist

    Advanced On-page SEO Optimization
    • Social Media Setup and Management
    • SEO Specialist
    • Extensive Web and Deep Web Research
    • Personal Web Presence
  • John Little
    Systems Integration Specialist

    Microsoft Product Design Engineer
    • E-Commerce Engineer
    • MSN / Hotmail / Windows 95 / Expedia

    Microsoft Consulting Services
    • Senior Software Design Engineer
    • Responsible for world's largest business merger, Chevron-Texaco
    • Analyzed the entire computer systems of both companies and provided detailed recommendations and solutions
    • Diverse Software Integration
    • Advanced Database Design, Search, Management, Speed / Optimizations
    • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and any TransactSQL based systems

    PhD in Philosophy
    Specialties in:
    • Computer Science
    • International Business
    • Artificial Intelligence Integration
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Risk Assessment
    • Team / Model Overviews and Communications
    • Team Risk Models

    Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation
    • Currently researching digital technologies to analog medicines for Parkinsons Disease, ED, and anabolic growth.
  • John Fountknol
    IT and Systems Security Expert

    Web Application Security
    • Penetration Testing
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Extensive Security Research
    • Bleeding Edge Security R&D
    • A passion for computer security


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