A New Kind of Hedge Fund

We present mathematical and statistical evidence for a novel type of
hedged trading system which will generate 1000x returns
over 5-7 years through ongoing compound interest.

Accumulate. Multiply.


The +× Fund Whitepaper

A Negligible Risk, Hedged Trading System Generating Ongoing Compound Interest

We manage a cryptocurrency hedge fund running leveraged perpetual futures trades, free of liquidation risk, which leverage volatility over time to extract continuous compound interest, allowing its starting balance to grow a thousandfold in five to seven years.

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Carlos Augusto


A 25-year veteran of web design and development, entered crypto in the 2018 bear market, survived the corona dump, and built the cryptoRAVAGER trading bot during the onset of the pandemic. In the following months the first USDT margined perpetual futures products were launched and soon after Carlos discovered the power behind the hedged trading system unlocked by these new markets, and the +× hedged trading system was born.

Colt Johnson


A highly skilled and technical cybersecurity expert, Colt originally joined in late 2021 to co-author the whitepaper and complete the backtesting of the hedged trading system, but since then has since seen the power of the trading system and has been developing a deep analytics package for increasing fund performance.

Ruxandra Frincu

Investor Relations and Analytics

Ruxandra brings lots of past experience and leverages it for both conducting deep and meticulous chart analytics as well as marketing and customer management to help in growing the fund and connecting us with our clients.

Indy Singh

Operations Advisor

With twenty years of management in banking as well as entrepreneurship experience, Indy began as the fund's largest investor but has since evolved into a more extensive role helping to manage business decisions and provide an advisory role.

Aaron Zehava

Founding Advisor

Aaron represents the seed from which everything here grew. He was the first person to teach Carlos, our founder, how to trade crypto with leverage, who originally recommended the trading strategy from which cryptoRAVAGER was built, and who has been supporting us in an advisory role since the very beginning.

Natalia Makian

Russian Language Liason

Natalia is a prolific writer in the Russian language, has placed top 10 in the yearly Russian poetry awards twice, and has an extensive network in Russia. Russian translations to our website and whitepaper coming soon…

Eduardo Bencardini

Portuguese Language Liason

Eduardo has lived all his life in Brazil and has worked in various sectors throughout the country, from concierge service with high end clients through Club Med, to lighting coordinator for massive events, to social networking with famous Brazilian actors and musicians. Portuguese translations to our website and whitepaper coming soon…


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